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Reflections on the Creation of GINZA SIX


Facility Overview

Large-scale mixed-use facility with
world class quality and culture

GINXA SIX is an urban redevelopment project that will unify the 1.4 hectares encompassed by the former site of the Matsuzakaya Ginza store (Ginza 6-chome block 10) with the adjacent block (Ginza 6-chome block 11). With retail facilities housing 241 brands, large-scale offices, and the Kanze Noh Theater cultural facility, GINZA SIX will be one of the largest mixed-use facility in the Ginza area. Additionally, with a tour bus bay, rooftop garden open to the public, and designated areas for commuters who are unable to return home in the case of natural disasters, the facility will give back to the local community, providing convenience and comfort, while also contributing to disaster measures.

Schedule Apr 2014: Construction of main structure begun, Jan 2017: Planned completion of main structure, April 20, 2017: Planned opening of retail facilities
Site Area Roughly 9,080 square meters
Total floor area Roughly 148,700 square meters
Number of floors 6 underground, 13 above ground
Use Retail stores, offices, cultural and exchange facilities, district heating and cooling facilities, parking

Floor composition

B3F Cultural center “Kanze Noh Theater”
B2F to 6F / part of 13F Retail facilities
1F Retail facilities, Tourism base (Tourist Service Center / Tour Bus Bay)
7F to 12F / part of 13F Offices
Rooftop Rooftop garden “The GINZA SIX GARDEN”

Architecture that enhances
the charm of
Ginza’s history and beauty

銀座の街並が持つ歴史と美しさをさらにひきたてる建築 銀座の街並が持つ歴史と美しさをさらにひきたてる建築

To create architecture that gives a new face to Ginza, Yoshio Taniguchi has taken on the role of preliminary and exterior design, teaming up with Kajima Corporation to bring his designs to life. The facades, inspired by eaves and store curtains, embody traditional Japan, while creating an appearance that is welcoming to all visitors. In the future, if the stores or trends change, the store curtains can easily be switched out to make for a fresh image.
Inspired by the idea that “architecture should be a medium that allows the subject to shine”, the design as a whole, including the facades, has been kept as simple as possible in order to bring attention to the individual store designs, or “blossoming flowers.” As for literal flowers, the relatively sparse alcoves will be decorated with scrolls and flower arrangements befitting the season, so that visitors can enjoy the changes of the seasons, a central part of traditional Japanese culture.

谷口 吉生 © Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Yoshio Taniguchi

(Yoshio Taniguchi Architectural Institute)

Born in 1937. After studying architecture at Harvard University, he gained experience working under Kenzo Tange. His most notable works include Tokyo Sea Life Park, the Horyu-ji Treasure Building at Tokyo National Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Heisei Chishin Building at the Kyoto National Museum.

Retail facilities Overview

A retail facility is born, featuring
the largest area in the Ginza,
Japan’s most celebrated
shopping district

241 stores will open in a 47,000㎡ retail facility, the largest of its kind in the Ginza area. We have curated a lineup of stores that include fashion brands from collections across the world, making it a place where customers can visit to understand the now of Japan and feel the latest world trends. With a full length (frontage) of approximately 115m facing the Chuo-dori, the main avenue of Ginza area, there are large 2-5 story flagship stores for six world-class luxury brands as their flagship stores whose distinctive façades create a new face of the Ginza area.
Aside from fashion, there are also a range of lifestyle products to add color to your home life and luxurious restaurants and cafés. In addition, the elegant space, membership program, exquisitely attentive service, and creative art and events make for a fulfilling experience for all visitors.

Retail facility area Approx. 47,000㎡ *Includes passages in common area and other
Number of stores 241 stores (merchandise sales 210, restaurants 24, services 7)

Floor composition

B2F Food items
B1F Cosmetics & Beauty
1-5F Fashion, accessories, lifestyle goods, cafes, etc.
6F Book store, restaurants, etc.
13F(part) Restaurants, banquet hall, etc.

Business hours

10:30AM - 8:30PM Merchandise sales / services
11:00AM - 11:30PM Restaurants
*Different for some restaurants

High quality space design
with a story

High quality space design with a story High quality space design with a story

Interior design of common area in the retail facility is directed by Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity Inc. To make this huge 47,000 square meter commercial space comfortable for visitors, we have created a space that prioritizes human emotion and physical experience.
Inspired by the narrow alleyways that can still be found in Ginza or Kyoto, we are planning to arrange this area to be fun to stroll around. We also studied the lighting effects of shoji screens or andonan oil lampstands, which are the common features of Japanese architecture, to create lighting designed to move through the area like wind. With a priority on creating a high-quality space throughout, we have insisted on using only the finest materials. This high quality common area will enhance the appeal of each store.

Gwenael Nicolas

Gwenael Nicolas

Born in 1966 in France. Studied interior design at the E.S.A.G in Paris, and industrial design at the RCA in London. He is active in wide range of industries including architecture, cosmetics and graphic design. Recently, he has been involved in the store design of prestige brands overseas.

Other Facility Overview

A mixed-use facility that
further evolves the Ginza area

  • Cultural center “Kanze Noh Theater”

    A new theater from the Kanze Noh school; a beacon of Japanese traditional culture

    This 480-seat, 1,600 square meter theater will serve as the base for the Kanze school, the largest in Japan’s Noh theater tradition. The theater is intended as a beacon of Japanese traditional culture that heightens Ginza's presence as an international tourist destination. It will also be open to the local community as an event venue. In the event of a disaster, it can serve as temporary accommodation for stranded commuters.
    * Differs from actual theater

    Cultural center Kanze Noh Theater
  • Tourism base
    (Tourist Service Center / Tour Bus Bay)

    An international hub for commerce and tourism

    The Tourist Service Center will act as a convenient one-stop location for travelers from Japan and abroad, supplying tourist information and ticketing, currency exchange, de-tax counter, baggage storage, parcel delivery services, and a convenience store that stocks a curated range of souvenirs. The adjoining cafe will also act as a space where travelers can mingle. In addition, a tourist bus station will face onto Mihara Street. The facility will form an international commercial and tourism hub that contributes to the whole Ginza area by offering functions that make it the “gateway to Ginza.”

    Tourism base(Tourist Service Center/Tour Bus Bay)
  • Rooftop garden “GINZA SIX GARDEN”

    Ginza's largest rooftop garden, a 4,000 square-meter space open to the community

    An urban garden that expresses a feeling of closeness to the natural environment, and acts as a haven for leisurely interaction among visitors to Ginza. Seasonal events are also planned.

    Rooftop garden GINZA SIX GARDEN
  • Offices

    Tokyo's largest single-floor rental spaces

    The upper floors of the facility house seven office levels with a total office floor space of around 38,000 square meters. The single-floor rental area (standard floor) is largest in Tokyo, at around 6,100 square meters. With its view down onto Chuo Street and 100-meter-plus floor plate, this top-class office environment will accommodate around 3,000 office workers in the center of Ginza.


Ginza 6-10 District Category 1
Urban Redevelopment Project
Plan Summary

With the goal of establishing a leading international retail, business and tourism center in Tokyo, the project will comprehensively redevelop two city blocks in Ginza Chuo-ku (Ginza 6-chome District 10 and District 11) including the former site of the "Matsuzakaya Ginza department store". The largest multi-purpose building in Ginza will comprise of world-class quality retail facilities, large-scale office facilities, and Kanze Noh Theater. The building is expected to complete construction in the end of January 2017, and the retail facility will be open in April 20, 2017.

District Name: Ginza 6-10 district (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Business Model: Category 1 Urban Redevelopment Project
Project Executor: Ginza 6-10 District Urban Redevelopment Partnership Number of Partnership
Members: 15 (as of October 2016)
Location: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Facility Overview:
  • — Development area:
  • Approximately 1.4ha
  • — Use:
  • Retail stores, offices, cultural and exchange facilities,
    district heating and cooling facilities, parking
  • — Site Area:
  • Roughly 9,080 square meters
  • — Number of floors:
  • 6 underground, 13 above ground
  • — Building height:
  • Around 56m
  • — Total floor area:
  • Roughly 148,700 square meters
  • — Structure:
  • Steel frame, reinforced concrete, steel reinforced concrete
Design: Ginza 6-chome District Urban Redevelopment Plan Design Collective
(Kajima Corporation, Taniguchi Architectural Design Institute)
Exterior design oversight: Yoshio Taniguchi, Taniguchi Architectural Design Institute
Construction: Kajima Corporation
Public facilities etc.:
  • Tour bus bay
    * Roads created on public land by rejoining city-owned roads within the district to Mihara Street:
  • Underground passage beneath Azuma Street
  • Roof garden and others

Project History and Future Schedule

Feb 2003: Ginza 6-chome City Planning Council established
Apr 2010: Ginza 6-chome District Urban Redevelopment Preparation Partnership founded
Dec 2011: City planning decision
Dec 2012: Ginza 6-chome District Urban Redevelopment Partnership established, business approval granted
June 2013: Right conversion plan approved
July 2013: Demolition of existing buildings begun
Apr 2014: Construction of main structure begun
Jan 2017: Planned completion of main structure
April 20, 2017: Planned opening of retail facilities

Company Profile: GINZA SIX Retail Management Co., Ltd.

GINZA SIX Retail Management Co., Ltd. was established jointly by core J.Front Retailing Group firm Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores, along with Mori Building, L Real Estate and Sumitomo Corporation. The company will handle the leasing and service promotion, facility management planning and other pre-opening operations, and general post-opening business operations for retail facilities at the Ginza 6-10 District Category 1 Urban Redevelopment Project.

J. FRONT RETAILING Co., Ltd. Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co., Ltd.

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co., Ltd.

As a firm that has retail as its core business, the company intends to play a proactive role in the project, drawing on its know-how in areas such as marketing, product and services, and leveraging the resources of the J. Front Retailing group.


Mori Building Co., Ltd.

Mori Building is an all-round developer that aims to “create and nurture the city.” The company will leverage its extensive experience with developing and managing properties, including the know-how accrued in the development and town management of Roppongi Hills, to create a captivating facility that is buzzing with excitement.

L Real Estate

L Real Estate

As the global real estate investment and development firm sponsored by the LVMH Group and Groupe Arnault and part of L Catterton, focusing on luxury retail-driven mixed-use projects, the company will contribute its specialized knowledge of iconic commercial development projects to this project.

Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation

The company intends to deploy the experience and expertise accumulated through its building and housing businesses via wide-ranging real estate projects in Japan and overseas, including redevelopments such as Harumi Island Triton Square and retail facility developments, including Terrace Mall Shonan.

Company Overview

Company name: GINZA SIX Retail Management Co., Ltd.
(Changed from former company name G6 Retail Management Co., Ltd. in October 2016)
Business: Preparations for opening of retaill facilities at Ginza 6-chome
redevelopment project, contracted management of facility after opening
Tenant leasing
Overall tenant management
Service promotion planning and operation
Planning and implementation of facility management plan
General operations, purchasing management
Established: 2nd February, 2015
Capital: JPY25 million
Investors: Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores, Mori Building, L Real Estate, Sumitomo Corporation
President: Kazuaki Mizuno
Qualifications: Real Estate Business, Governor of Tokyo (1), License No. 97612
Head Office: GINZA SIX 7F, Ginza 6-10-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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