BEAMS HOUSE WOMENビームス ハウス ウィメン


上質で洗練されたアイテムと、大人の品格のあるスタイルを提案する「BEAMS HOUSE」初のウィメンズ専門店です。ウエアをはじめバッグやシューズを取り揃え、パーソナルなサービスとして受注会も充実します。

Embracing the keywords “sophistication” and “high quality,” Beams House offers an exclusive range of chic, authentic wardrobe items that still generate a sense of excitement when actually worn.

As the first dedicated women’s store operated by Beams House, the GINZA SIX location proposes high quality items that embody sophistication and a grown-up style. In addition to clothing, the range includes bags and shoes. The store also offers ample occasions for special orders as a personal service.