The Pop Up

When is “time when we took good care of oneself” recently?

Work, housework, child care, busy every day. In busy daily life to pass in no time, we want to provide a time when it is kind to heart and body even just a little.

TOCHICA came out of such thought.

Organic herb tea which was raised in natural agricultural methods carefully by the making of soil.
“Good-quality present to oneself and important one”
Knob length realized by the secret manufacturing method is the same, and please enjoy taste and flavor of clear herb such as fresh herb at all.

Package design by Saori Kanda who is active in the world expresses “gentleness” and “vitality of plant” as “the palpitation”.

“Have a Bite of Herb Tea” is a series of baked sweets and chocolates created only for TOCHICA exclusively for GINZA SIX, by JIRO TANAKA. A patissier who won a world title for a pastry competition held in 2016.


フロア: B2F

開催期間: 2017.10.03- 2017.11.05



2017.09.27 UP