[Leica CL] We inherit tradition of Oscar bal KNACK.



It is information for new product from Leica.

If Oscar bal KNACK forms camera in the present times; – -.

Camera which we thought about great pioneer and devised newly.
It is Leica CL which adopted APS-C format.

What Oscar bal KNACK which started development of camera which became first among Leica at the beginning of the 20th century aimed at
We could carry casually, and operation was easy and was camera which showed superior definition.
As for the body adjusting to hand nicely, his tradition and innovation are right carved compact of Leica CL with.

Mirrorless camera of new Leica which adopted Leica L bayonet mount.
Lenses offered prime kit (18mm) of set, bario kit (18-56mm) in conformity to body.
Leica Erma lied TL f2.8/18mm ASPH. of 21mm slight to prime kit as for the full length.
You can enjoy prominent definition with compact lenses of the smallest level with lenses of the class.

We are going to sell in Leica store from December, 2017.
Please contact Leica GINZA SIX for reservation.
*Reference: 03-6263-9935

◆ Price that includes L

CL black tax: 367,200 yen
◆ Leica Erma lied TL f2.8/18mm ASPH. Tax-included price: 156,600 yen
◆ Price that includes Leica CL prime kit tax: 507,600 yen
◆ Price that includes Leica CL standard bario kit tax: 540,000 yen

The details of Leica CL are this


フロア: 5F


2017.12.06 UP