“Glasses should be fine tools.”  This solid idea explains our origin that lives in every Four Nines’ creation.

We discover possibilities in our work of creation through further and deeper pursue to the meaning of this idea. “NEW COLLECTION 2017-2018” is a collection that respects Four Nines’ philosophy.

Out from the new collection, “M-100 series” is a model that incorporates Four Nines’ original structure into a metal brow based combination frame. Enjoy the harmony that combines plastic and metal in a globalized size and balance.

Glasses/ M-101 col.9001 ¥46,440 (including tax)

Moreover, original goods relating to eyeglasses and sunglasses are released.

Right) Cases for 4/¥8,640 (including tax) Left) Glasses stand / ¥5,400 (including tax)

“Cases for 4” can hold 4 pieces of glasses in its unique cylindrical design. They close with magnetic button that allows you to bring them outdoor.

“Glasses stand” can hold 3 pieces of glasses, and they stand both horizontally and vertically useful at office or at home.

Enjoy choosing your favorite color from the abundant color variations.

The key to keep your glasses in best condition for a long period of time is to receive maintenance and to receive appropriate adjustment temporarily. Feel free to visit us whenever you want to check your glasses for after cares or to check your eyes.


フロア: 5F


2017.12.28 UP