【Special Limited Edition】 "Leica M10 - P Safari", "Leica Sumikuron M f 2/50 mm Safari" announced



It is information of new products from Leica.

We will release the special limited model “Leica M10 – P Safari” and “Leica Sumikuron M f 2/50 mm Safari” which adopted olive green paint finish.

Olive green finish model is symbolic in Leica’s long history, and boasts high popularity among Leica fans and collectors.
“Leica M1 olive” of olive green paint, which was manufactured in 1960 for the German army, later became a legendary model in the camera world later.
“Leica M10-P Safari” is a special limited model with olive green paint finish based on “Leica M10-P”, a cowhide carrying strap and “Leica SD card / credit card holder” are set as a set.
“Leica M10 – P Safari” is limited sale of 1,500 units worldwide.

And now we will also release the same olive green paint finish “Leica Sumikuron M f 2/50 mm Safari” that matches this camera body.
Among the long history of Leica cameras, this is the first time for M lenses with traditional olive green paint finish.
We plan to sell limited lenses for 500 lenses in the world.

Metal parts on the surface of “Leica M10 – P Safari” and “Leica Sumikuron M f 2/50 mm Safari” are all scraped from solid brass.
Olive green paint finish is hard to get dirty and scratched, and it can also prevent the influence of chemicals and ultraviolet rays.

“Leica M10 – P Safari” and “Leica Sumikuron M f 2/50 mm Safari” will be released at Leica GINZA SIX.
For reservations please contact Leica GINZA SIX.

◆ Leica M10 – P Safari: 1,144,800 yen (tax included)
Release date: February 4, 2019 (Monday)

◆ Leica Sumikuron M f 2/50 mm Safari: price unknown
Release date: TBD

* Inquiries: 03-6263-9935


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2019.02.13 UP