[Leica Q2] Accept nothing but perfection.



It is information for new product from Leica.

Next-generation model “Leica Q2” of Leica Q series came up at the ready as if sequel was expected in splendid story.

“Leica Q2” coming up newly is full size compact camera which classic form of “Made in Germany” and innovative function and the durability are perfect, and fused.
“Leica Q2” is equipped with many new features such as 35mm full size sensor of new development, high speed autofocus system, video shooting function of 4K and innovative organic electroluminescence electron view finder while inheriting prominent performance of “Leica Q” and refined design which does not depend on the times.

©️Ulrich Grill

47,300,000 pixels of effective 35mm full size sensors widening creativity can photograph clear still image and 4K video in detail, and they are available for high sensitive shooting to best ISO film speed 50000.
We become able to choose angle of view of 75mm equivalency newly and, from street photograph to building photograph, scenery photograph and portrait photograph, play an active part in wider use.
Furthermore, we give special protection ceiling preventing invasion of dust and drop of water alone with camera of the class and can enjoy shooting without minding weather.

©️Ulrich Grill

Of course, in correspondence with application “Leica FOTOS”, it was equipped with Bluetooth of electric power saving that could be connected immediately by radio.
Content is saved automatically when we set connection in the first time, and setting is maintained even if we switch on camera again.
(we cope after April, 2019 and plan.)

It is going to release in March, 2019.
Please contact Leica GINZA SIX for reservation.
*Reference: 03-6263-9935

◆ Leica Q2 702,000 yen (tax-included):


フロア: 5F


2019.03.15 UP