マーロウGINZA SIX店マーロウギンザシックステン


オープニング商品として昔の銀座の町並みとGINZA SIXの外観デザインのビーカー入り焼きプリンや厳選された素材を使ったアーモンドプードル100%のグルテンフリーケーキを提供します。

Marlowe was established in 1984, with a main restaurant located on the coast to provide a commanding view of Mount Fuji. One popular product since the opening of the store has been baked pudding desserts placed in beaker containers that bear a motif of detective Phillip Marlowe from the classic Raymond Chandler novels.

As an item to celebrate the opening of GINZA SIX, Marlowe is offering a baked pudding poured into a beaker bearing a motif of the old Ginza cityscape as well as the GINZA SIX exterior. It will also sell a gluten-free, 100% almond powder cake made from carefully selected ingredients.