Souun Takeda Solo Exhibition -FLYING-



From a bright-blue sky unbroken by even a single cloud comes the high-pitched, piercing call of the black kites. I wished a good morning and commented on the fine weather to the hawk-like birds making wide-arcing turns as they soared.
If only us humans could fly freely about the sky as a bird does—
this is something that I, and I’m sure many of you, have thought about on many occasions.
What a great thing that would be!
I sigh at the beauty of these birds gracefully plying the heavens as if swimming through the very air itself and, more than anything else, marvel at the freedom they enjoy.
In today’s world, the things we considered to be a given in life are no longer the norm. We cannot see some of the people we care about and are unable to go where we like. It’s frustrating that we are unable to sit close to others and chat over a good meal as we once did.
Those days when things were normal—days we thought would never end—were truly special. The black kites flitting freely about the sky are a source of strength and courage during times when we are all feeling cooped up inside.
At the very least, we must allow our hearts to soar free, as our hearts are our own—something nobody can restrain or impede.
In this way, we can go anywhere we like, no matter how far, and meet anyone we please, flying freely throughout this world.
I came up with the theme of “flight” for this solo exhibition while walking along the seacoast one morning and watching the black kites carve out their wide circles above.
That was all the inspiration I needed.
Souun Takeda
October 2021


フロア: 5F

イベント名: 武田双雲展 ―飛翔― 12/2(木)~12/8(水)

開催期間: 2021.12.02- 2021.12.08




2021.11.30 UP