A travel to the stomach of the Jurassic

Show Window

The days of longing for free travel continue. This B2F show window is an installation by artist Masakatsu Shimoda on the theme of traveling to ancient times through space-time, thinking of dinosaur stomachs.

In recent years, among the fossil stomachs of herbivorous dinosaurs called Nodosaurus, which inhabited 100 million years ago, pollen, spores, moss, fern, flowering plants, conifers were found, and they turned out to be faddy eaters who did not eat the leaves of hard cycads and conifers and preferred a specific soft fern.

Did the dinosaur’s brain sense pleasure of taste and the happiness of satiety? The dinosaurs’ stomach packed with the gift from the land at the time is also a rich landscape they saw. The extinct dinosaurs have provided us with richness transcending time. What will we human beings leave to the future?

Art Director: Yasuko Sato

Mr. Shimoda drew on the glass surface and back side directly on site. The drawing of stomach is newly drawn for this window display.

Masakatsu Shimoda Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1967. Drawing. For two years from 1994, he drew portraits of people he met while traveling with colored pencils. In 2011, he started making handmade dinosaurs in his private work. At the 2018 Men’s Collection Show, the headpiece was adopted by Comme des Garçons Homme Plus, and dinosaurs appeared in Paris collection. Also, at the Off-White 2021FW Runway Show held in Paris, models wearing headpieces from Shimoda. In recent books, “Dinosaur Humans” (Parco Publishing) “Dinosaurs There” (Switch Publishing Co., Ltd.)

Picture book ‘Dead Pirates’ (Poplar Publishing Co., Lyd.), etc.

開催期間: 2022.04.01- 2022.06.16


2022.04.05 UP