Bountiful wines from Montenegro, a little-known wine country, are served in Ginza.

Montenegro Wine Shop

The Pop Up

Wines from “Plantaze”, the largest planted area in Europe, from “Montenegro”, an undiscovered wine country facing the Adriatic Sea, have landed in Ginza.
We have a variety of international varieties including “Vranac”, a grape native to Montenegro.

A number of gift sets suitable for gift-giving are also available. The store also has a standing drinking area, making it a good place for a quick trial drink.
Please try our Montenegrin wines, which are well known by those in the know.

Montenegro Wine Shop

フロア: B2F

開催場所: THE POP UP B2F

開催期間: 2023.11.28- 2024.01.07


2023.11.27 UP