Show Window

When we eat fruits and vegetables, we remove the seeds. Each removed seed is essentially a child, a vegetable or fruit that has grown and survived to become a parent and entrusted with the next “life” in order to give birth to the next life in this world.
People live their lives by creating and eating plant life in this world through agriculture. To look at seeds is to feel the connection between life and the power of plants and people to live.
In this window, seeds actually removed from squash, peppers, citrus fruits, and papayas in the kitchen were collected and displayed. Also collected were seeds sold as food products, such as grains, nuts, and spices, where the seeds themselves are eaten.
He then purchased seeds sold for home gardens to see what the first of the seeds, such as carrots and eggplants, would look like, something you would never imagine from the food products usually sold.
When you look carefully at the seeds, from the smallest to the largest, including those processed for food, side by side, you can feel the love for each form and the life that was connected to it.
Recently, seedless fruits have become more and more common and convenient, but seeds are essentially the children to whom vegetables and fruits entrust their next “life. We live by nurturing and eating plant life. Seeds seem to have the power to make us look at the truth of what we eat.

Art Director: Neiko Sato

フロア: B2F

開催場所: ショーウィンドウ

開催期間: 2024.04.05- 2024.06.03


2024.04.09 UP