Sports & lifestyle brand "PGG" announces collaboration with "Cul de Sac-JAPON"




A whole new value of polyester, incorporating “Aomori HIBA”, has been born.

The sentiment behind the collaboration with Cul de Sac-JAPON
PGG’s choice of Cul de Sac-JAPON stems from a deep sense of empathy and charm towards Cul de Sac-JAPON, a product brand that uses Aomori hiba. Attracted by the rich aroma of Hiba and the concept and products of Cul de Sac-JAPON, this collaboration came to fruition. Amidst the current climate change, there is much contemplation about the natural environment and forests, and Cul de Sac-JAPON’s stance on sustainable product development was captivating.

Filhiba hooded pullover \35,200(In tax)


About Aomori hiba
HIba is a familiar coniferous tree to the Japanese, having been used in the foundations of shrines and temples since ancient times. Particularly abundant in Aomori, the development of products using Hiba gave birth to Cul de Sac-JAPON. Cul de Sac-JAPON utilizes various parts of Hiba under the premise of “continuously using it,” aiming to support those involved in mountain work. In addition to the antibacterial effects and various other characteristics of Hiba, its very existence teaches us many things that cannot be expressed in words.

Encounter between the original yarn “Filhiba” and PGG
PGG, focusing on the potential of polyester, is always pursuing something new while leveraging the appeal of its material, which is lightweight, easy to move in, and durable, and flexibly adapting to various designs. Learning about the original yarn “Filhiba” developed by Cul de Sac-JAPON, which quantifies the deodorizing and antibacterial effects, PGG aimed to create products close to the skin. As a result, PGG × Cul de Sac-JAPON’s synthetic fiber was created, and a new product was completed. The inorganic and regular polyester was enriched with the organic and emotionally rich texture of rayon, giving birth to polyester clothing with entirely new value.

To commemorate the release of the collaboration products, a limited-time POP UP SHOP will be held at PGG GINZA SIX. During the period from April 18th (Thursday) to May 5th (Monday), exhibitions of Cul de Sac-JAPON’s products and Hiba will be held, and customers who purchase PGG products will receive a gift of Hiba chips in an original pouch from PGG and Cul de Sac-JAPON.



フロア: 5F

開催期間: 2024.04.18- 2024.05.06



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