Introducing the Seasonal Limited Edition Chilled and Chewy Natsumikan Daifuku!

恵那栗工房 良平堂


Enjoy the refreshing flavor of natsumikan (Japanese summer orange) with our new “Natsumikan Daifuku,” available for a limited time this summer. The highlight of this treat is the perfect harmony between the chilled and chewy mochi dough and the two layers of natsumikan-flavored filling.

The dough is fluffy yet chewy, providing a delightful texture with every bite. Inside, you’ll find two layers of filling that combine the sweet and tangy juiciness of natsumikan. The outer layer of white bean paste and the inner layer of natsumikan paste create a wonderful contrast of flavors.

This Natsumikan Daifuku is the perfect cool treat for the hot summer months, sure to be enjoyed by many. Don’t miss out on this seasonal delicacy—give it a try!

恵那栗工房 良平堂

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2024.07.09 UP