Seeking for delicious honey, L’abeille has travelled all over the world building a relationship of mutual trust with beekeeper and we introduce their honeys to our customers. Honeys, which we’ve gathered are from 11 different countries, and we have more than 80 kinds of them. A taste of each honey embraces its’ place of origin and you can envisage the nature of these places by tasting the honey. 

The most popular product in L’abeille is UMF™(Unique Manuka Factor) approved Manuka honey. L’abeille is a brand, which holds UMF™ license and not many companies have achieved this in Japan.  Maori people of New Zealand have inherited the ancient forests, and collected Manuka honey for a long time. We deliver this honey with the proper information of who have collected, and where it has been collected. (i.e. collected by Sue & Mark Kerr from East Cape) Healthy life-style starts with healthy daily diets. Manuka honey is known to be a “honey of cure” and we’d be more than happy if you could include this in your life.