Devialet reveals its first-ever artistic collaboration in celebration of Lunar New Year: Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu



Devialet reveals Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu: the first
limited edition launched in collaboration with two artists based in New York and Beijing, who have
transformed the company’s flagship product into ANIMAL, an artistic expression of infinite music and

The limited edition Devialet Phantom I 108dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu, Devialet first-ever artistic
collaboration, is a celebration of the Lunar New Year 2024, the Year of the Dragon. The emblematic
Phantom I is adorned in 22.5-carat gold leaf and polished red varnish set by hand craftsmen in
Ateliers Gohard, providing a stunning fusion of French style and Chinese sophistication.

Within Chinese cultural symbolism, the dragon is unique as the sole mythical creature in the zodiac.
This celebrative collaboration for the Lunar New Year encapsulates the very essence of the dragon,
echoing the animalistic spirit of Devialet Phantom I: powerful, enigmatic and deeply rooted in cultural

Emmanuel Nardin, Devialet’s co-founder and Chief Design Officer, says:
“As our flagship product, Phantom I is the perfect balance of artistry and industry-leading
technology, truly encapsulating Devialet’s founding ethos of combining breathtaking design
with audio excellence. As we enter our first-ever artistic collaboration, we’re excited to be
delivering the speaker in a very emotional and sensitive limited edition with Yang Bao and Wa
A pair of highly talented young artists, their creative expertise has brought both the magic and
animality of the dragon to life, enabling Phantom to once again raise the bar for listening

This unique partnership of French innovation and Chinese artistic daring brings a symphony of colors

to life, where red and gold adorn the iconic Phantom I. This alliance creates an unparalleled auditory
and visual experience, capturing the essence of two worlds harmoniously coming together.

Yang Bao, an installation artist and Juilliard-trained pianist and composer, and Wa Liu, a multimedia
artist and graduate from Yale and MIT, bring a transcendent blend of cross-disciplinary creativity to
Devialet’s flagship product.

Their creation, ANIMAL, is a sensory journey through sound and aesthetics. Inspired by Bao’s
concept of, Infinity Music, the design reflects an ever-evolving, living entity, adorned with layers of
22.5-carat gold and polished red varnish – an embodiment of the combined force of nature and music.
Reimagining the magical encounter between man and the mythical dragon, the limited edition merges
their musical passion and artistic curiosity, inspiring a unique iteration of Phantom I that celebrates the
alliance between cutting-edge audio technology and artistic innovation.

Artist Yang Bao says:
“We believe that both science and art need to utilize these two senses, the logical mind and
the more emotive mind, to better understand our surroundings and our fast changing world.”

Through this first artistic collaboration on Phantom I, Devialet enlisted the help of its long-standing
partner Ateliers Gohard for laying the gold. These ateliers, based in Paris, boast 60 years of
renowned craftsmanship, passionately bespoke artisanship and exceptional finishes rooted in a
unique mastery of artistic techniques.

Thanks to their unparalleled skill and legacy, Gohard's artisans were selected to execute the intricate
dragon-inspired design featured on the limited edition Devialet Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao and
Wa Liu. Using the precise and artisanal method of gold leaf gilding, each piece is carefully handled
and applied by hand, ensuring a distinct and opulent finish that exudes uniqueness and luxury. Each
side panel of the limited edition Devialet Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu is a testament to
exceptional craftsmanship.

The collaboration signifies a new chapter in Devialet alliance with Ateliers Gohard, which was born
in 2017 as the artisans were entrusted with the gold leaf application of Phantom Opéra de Paris. This
long lasting partnership continues to represent the celebration of a synergy between artistic vision and
masterful execution, where tradition and technology intertwine.

Devialet iconic Phantom presents a paradigm shift in audio experience, merging power and
precision to redefine sound immersion. Beyond conventional speakers, Phantom I offers a blend of
power and finesse, delivering an audio journey marked by unparalleled clarity and depth.

Artist Wa Liu, says:
“When you play music on it, especially with heavy bass, it always feels like it is alive. That
the reason why we are focusing on the idea of animality and metamorphosis on this design, to
create something that is breathing while also producing very beautiful music”.
Since its launch, Phantom has revolutionized speaker technology and established itself as a symbol

of acoustic excellence. By combining a series of exclusive and groundbreaking proprietary
technologies, Phantom consistently exceeds expectations at every stage of sound reproduction,
delivering distortion-free, saturation-free, and background noise-free sound, redefining industry
standards for the quality of sound.

Highly intuitive and connective, Phantom I unleashes the physical impact of high-end, ultra-dense
sound with the power, clarity, and precision that make it so unique. Yang Bao & Wa Liu transform
Phantom I into a technological marvel, blending dragon symbolism, innovative artistry, and skilled

「Devialet Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu」

979,000 JPY



フロア: 5F


2024.02.02 UP