各ジャンルに精通する個性豊かなエディターたちが、GINZA SIXをぶらぶらと

The Power to Persuade a Working Woman to Let Down Her Guard

大塚 真里 エディター


At some point in my long career as an editor, I completely stopped hesitating before speaking my mind. I’m constantly checking whether things are going according to plan—if they’re not, I immediately right the ship. If you know something’s not quite right but you waver on pointing it out right away, then later say, “Well, actually, it needed to be like this…”—it’s disrespectful to the people you’re working with. My days are filled with blunt requests addressed to wonderful creators.

On this thing and that, on the inside, I’m your typical middle-aged woman, spirited, brazen, bold. That’s precisely why, on the outside at the very least, I seek to camouflage myself in sweetness by wearing elegant clothing that oozes pleasantness. I’m so, so thankful for GINZA SIX. It’s lined with brands that bring out the best in adults. If you visit, you will never not find that fashionable thing you crave.

I park my car in the belowground parking at GINZA SIX, then parade around the floors. After accomplishing my mission I take a stroll around the neighboring streets before returning to work. My mother and grandmother are elegant women and love to promenade about Ginza. While I unfortunately cannot match their grand elegance I seem to have inherited something of a kindred spirit. I feel it every time I come to GINZA SIX.

My first destination is ebure, on the fourth floor.
I usually don’t go here first. There are simply too many things here that I want. My wardrobe would otherwise be entirely ebure (and there have been seasons when that’s been the case). After looking around at several other brands for things I might want, I finally head here to compile my shopping plan.

With a concept of design that fulfills the satisfaction of women with rich experience in life, it’s not hard to see why it’s grabbed the hearts of so many women, and in such a short space of time too. It is hard to believe it’s only the fifth anniversary since this brand’s debut. I try on this cashmere coat with a cocoon silhouette (286,000 yen; all prices listed with tax) and a dress (61,600 yen) that creates a surprisingly slender profile. The texture alone is spellbinding.

The quality of the tailoring is another reason adult women find ebure so satisfying. When you try something on, take a look at the beautiful finishing on the reverse; it’ll make your heart leap. The fine tailoring for the long slits is also superb.

Even if you’re someone who’s not into casual, I would still recommend ebure’s T-shirts (9,900 yen). The slender-ribbed neckline and the “kimono” sleeves—continuous with the body of the shirt—make for an appealingly snug fit against the body and an effortless air that isn’t overly casual.

Neither clingy nor distant, the sales attendants answer my questions immediately and precisely. The customer service is exquisite. This, along with the high quality of the accessories at ebure, is no doubt another reason the brand is such a favorite among adult women.

On the recommendation of an editor colleague who knows jewelry, I go next, for my first time, to AbHerï on the second floor. Choosing jewelry as an adult poses certain challenges. Standard beats trendy if you’re thinking something refined you can wear for a long time, but visual flair, as always, matters, too. You’ll find jewelry here in abundance that threads this particular needle.

The pieces of jewelry are painstakingly crafted by designer-artisans at the brand’s Higashi Nihonbashi atelier. The rings, delicately handcrafted using traditional techniques, are wonderfully elegant with an unmistakable presence. Examined through a magnifying glass, the settings and side engravings are incredibly detailed and precise, like works of art. (From left, “Lyre” diamond chain ring, 126,500 yen; diamond chain ring, 572,000 yen.)

The chain rings are adjustable in size (on the palm side), allowing you to present them as surprise gifts for anyone, even your partner. You’re free to choose your own preferred materials for the same design. I’d also recommend pairing one of the rings with earrings.

In consultation with the sales attendant, I select these three rings.
At top is the “silk” diamond ring (170,500 yen), with a design incorporating the motif of an antique Dorset button wound with silk thread and a delicate flower emblem at the center. The ring portion is crafted with extremely fine lines. On the bottom left is another “silk” diamond ring (330,000 yen). I’m enchanted by its soft, silk-woven feel and the stitch-like border of the melee diamonds. On the bottom right is the “OXYMORON” diamond ring (297,000 yen), a ring offering two different expressions to enjoy: an engraved face (pictured), and an elaborate hairline face on the opposite side.

It has volume and heft, but it’s gentle, not overpowering—the ring on the bottom left is truly my ideal…I feel a slight tug from behind as I remember today’s final destination, and head for ReFa on the first belowground floor.

ReFa, which turns 12 this year, is a brand I’ve often brushed elbows with in the course of my work. It all started with one roller product that produces results worthy of a skilled esthetician. Since then, it’s expanded from facial care to body care, hair care, and inner care—a broad lineup of products that integrates cosmetics with beauty devices.

We’ve seen its showerheads (from top-left, left: ReFa Fine Bubble, 18,480 yen; ReFa Fine Bubble S, 30,000 yen) in TV ads this year, so there’s likely to be a lot of interest out there. After trying one here, I recommend it wholeheartedly. The ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles streaming from the showerhead gently invigorate the skin while removing oils and other buildup and warm your body comfortably, effects that have been verified. The showerheads would be great, too, for those with no time to soak in the bathtub every day. They don’t use cartridges; once installed, they can be used for life.。

The ReFa Grace Head Spa (32,780 yen), a scalp massager, applies the brand’s proprietary technology to recreate the powerful techniques of an esthetician. The rollers vigorously massage your scalp and guide you to state of ultimate relaxation. Use it for just 10 minutes while watching TV and watch the furrows lurking between the eyebrows and the wariness in your face fade into an expression of gentle, refreshed alertness. I have one at home—how wonderful to bring another one home and massage with both hands!

ReFa has recently focused on hair care products. The ReFa Beautech Straight Iron (19,800 yen) produces a beautiful finish without damaging your hair, akin to that of a professional hair stylist. It limits hair damage caused by heat and pressure, styling confidently on the surface and producing unusually soft, moisture-laden hair on the inside. Priced quite reasonably, it’s nevertheless a high-end product that provides maximum protection for your hair no matter how many times you use it.

The GINZA SIX store offers the brand’s standard rollers and CAXA products—all of its main products are here, and you can actually try them out. It feels like a self day spa where you’ll want to linger and linger.

I came here to quickly browse and learn more about things I would crave, but I couldn’t help trying out all sorts of things and ended up staying for a while. I catch myself in a mirror and notice the me who’s always battle-ready is gone; my face has relaxed, the taut wariness is nowhere to be found. Even just window shopping, GINZA SIX has the power to persuade a working woman to let down her guard.

Text:Mari Otsuka Photo:Michika Mochiduki Edit:Yuka Okada(81)


大塚 真里

1973年、ニューヨーク生まれ。出版社で女性誌の編集に携わった後、コスメブランドのクリエイティブディレクターを経て独立。『美的』『Oggi』(ともに小学館)、『CREA』(文藝春秋)、『& ROSY』(宝島社)など雑誌の編集・執筆と、コスメブランドのコンサルティングやクリエイティブを手がけている。著書は『キッチンには3本のオイルがあればいい』(文藝春秋)。女優の安達祐実を表紙に起用する書籍『石けんオフメイク』シリーズ(同)をプロデュース。
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