各ジャンルに精通する個性豊かなエディターたちが、GINZA SIXをぶらぶらと

A Place of Light and Sweetness to Expand Your Horizons

中郡 暖菜


Lately I’ve shopped almost exclusively at GINZA SIX. Everything here is carefully considered and planned out—from lifestyle, fashion, and beauty to books, cameras, and the rooftop garden. Wandering around GINZA SIX is delightful; it’s like flipping through the pages of a magazine. For me, it’s a place for encountering things outside the sphere of what I typically like, a place I can go to expand my horizons. Today, I’ll introduce you to three stores I go to often and can recommend.

One store I’ve stopped by recently is kashwére on the fourth floor. The store offers blankets in various sizes and weights. I especially love the thick ones. Whether summer or winter, I want to be wrapped up in a blanket. I already have two of their thick woven-pattern blankets, but I recently bought another one with a silver-blue damask pattern.

I’ve wondered why they still have this 2018 bear in the store. It turns out the years on the Kashbears (9,500 yen; all prices listed before tax) are birth years. There’s a unique Kashbear for each year, so they make special gifts. Next time I need a gift for a newborn, I’m going to kashwére. Now, if they only had one for 1986, my birth year…

Suitable for wear both out and about and at home, this white Boyfriend Cardigan (23,000 yen) is perfectly comfortable and has that great kashwére feel against your skin. I find myself craving this now. There’s also a spectacularly adorable fitting room that’s a must-see.

Next is cosmetics. I’m at JILL STUART Beauty & Party on the first belowground floor, which as always is full of popular items. Buy the lipstick (2,800 yen) at GINZA SIX, and you can get your name inscribed on the case. I unhesitatingly have a store clerk apply one color on my lips.

The lipstick cases you can get with your name inscribed come in two colors: The case is pink for the lip balm and silver for the regular lip color. You can also choose one of two colors for the inscription. This would make a great present for a friend, I think. I find both colors appealing and take around 30 minutes to choose.

The boutique also offers a variety of boxes and ribbons that are ideal for gifts. It’s a world of adorable, appealing items. Just looking around inspires fits of rapture! I’m smitten by this girly quintessentially JILL STUART space.

Today I purchase the JILL STUART Lip Blossom Velvet 06. It has a cool, sophisticated feel. At the same time, the warm reddish-brown tone convinces me I could wear it daily. The decorative design of the case makes it ideal for a lipstick you’ll carry with you on your outing. The upper portion of the case features a small mirror, also a wonderful feature for fixing your makeup at any time.

Finally, dessert! PALETAS on the second belowground floor features a showcase lined with a broad and inviting selection of gelato and sherbet. Choose one from among the many arrayed before you.

I choose the Strawberry Milk (463 yen). The size is just right, and gelato is so light and refreshing that it’s a perfect treat for break time—or for any time, even before a meal. The fresh strawberries were wonderfully fruity.

I find it so delicious I begin wondering about the other flavors. The gelato-on-a-stick comes in a cup, perfect for enjoyment at one’s leisure as one strolls about. Today, I wander over to the store’s eat-in space in the shop and enjoy my delicious treat there.

Lastly, before going home, I take a stroll in the rooftop garden. It’s designed for the appreciation of the seasons, whether spring, summer, fall or winter. The cherry trees will be in full bloom this spring. I can’t wait!

Text:Haruna Nakagori Photos:Takumi Mizoguchi Edit:Yuka Okada


中郡 暖菜

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