各ジャンルに精通する個性豊かなエディターたちが、GINZA SIXをぶらぶらと

Discovering a New Me Through “Me Time” That Stimulates All Five Senses

宇野 ナミコ


Ginza is a district open to and accepting of new things while maintaining a respect for tradition. In this way, it’s evolved with the times. It’s occurred to me the character of this district may even resemble a person’s in certain ways. Typically, as we age, we need to make an effort to stay curious about new things, to adopt a flexible outlook accepting of change… Even as I write this, considering my own tendencies, I’m reminded how hard this is to put into practice. If your day-to-day style in terms of makeup, fashion, and so forth has been the same for a while, how about visiting GINZA SIX, where the distillation of Ginza’s “now” tends to be found? Stroll around the spacious interior and set your five senses free. In addition to enjoying some me time, you’re sure to make discoveries that lead to a new you.

If you’ve been doing your makeup in the same way for years, I recommend heading to Shu Uemura on the first belowground floor. In this GINZA SIX store, there’s always a trained makeup artist on hand to give you makeup lessons—but make reservations in advance.

For the mature woman, I’d recommend the Base Makeup Lesson (30 minutes for 3,000 yen; all prices listed before tax). To start with, your assistant will help you choose one of the 24 shades of the Unlimited Lasting Fluid (5,400 yen) that perfectly matches your skin color, an issue many women fret about.

This foundation is unique. After finding a perfect match for skin brightness, you can select from hues of that brightness ranging from pinkish to yellowish to produce just the impression you want to create. The difference between one hue and the next is subtle, but you’d be surprised how selecting one rather than another changes your look. One hue can add warmth to your complexion; another creates a cool vibe.

Today I choose a pinkish tone to create a cool look to go with my black top. I get some advice from a pro: “The trick is to start by applying a thin layer evenly across the entire face. Then, gently dab small amounts onto the cheeks, where color unevenness can be a concern.” Whether you’re a beginner or a makeup aficionado, discoveries are bound to follow once you know how much to apply and in what direction.

The assistant turns to me. “Since you’re here, why not try the 100 color palette?” Something available only at GINZA SIX. I open the thick heavy case in front of me, and a flood of dazzling colors overwhelms my eyes.

The palette (200,000 yen) is packed with 100 colors from Shu Uemura—known as the wizard of color. This GINZA SIX-exclusive premium product offers more than 20 shades of brown alone. This time I choose the special seasonal makeover in shades of mauve.

You can obtain a graceful complexion that reflects the Shu Uemura philosophy: Creating not just a beautiful foundation, but reproducing your skin’s natural beauty. Try eye makeup in styles you wouldn’t normally dare try; you’ll find yourself straighten up. With my face transformed, I move on to the next store.

When you’ve done a hard day’s work and you’re out looking for a little revitalization, the ideal course of action is to take your time in the bath and spoil yourself a little. SABON—also located on the first belowground floor—offers a full lineup of best quality bath and body-care products that transform daily baths into special spa time.

A pleasing fragrance fills the interior, and I see rows and rows of products, resembling bottles of honey or syrup. It’s delightful just to look—but if you’ve come to SABON, you’ll definitely want to do some testing.

Each SABON store features an Israeli stone water server, which you can use to test wash products like body soap. The photograph shows the new Delicate Jasmine series (from left: Shower Oil at 3,148 yen for 500 ml; Body Scrub at 5,093 yen for 600 g; Body Gelée at 4,167 yen for 200 ml; Eau de SABON at 6,296 yen for 80 ml; Hand Cream at 1,667 yen for 50 ml). As the name suggests, the series features refreshing fragrant products characterized by delicate jasmine and botanical and floral notes.

The Body Scrub, an iconic SABON product, features a botanical oil base and plenty of salt from the Dead Sea. It looks a bit like sherbet. It feels soft on the skin. Put a bit on the back of your hand and massage it in, and it melts away in an instant.

After carefully rubbing in the Dead Sea salt, what happens when you rinse it off? Your hands gain translucence. The oil lends a smooth and supple texture to your skin. Top it off with the Body Gelée, which has the same fragrance, to replenish your skin with moisture and leave it feeling silky smooth.


Adding another layer of the Delicate Jasmine scent strengthens the aroma somewhat, a change I make a mental note of as a distinct discovery. I only try it on my hands this time, but if you follow all the steps with your entire body, I’d expect your fatigue to vanish into thin air.
With both mind and skin soothed and relaxed, it’s off to the next shop.

Scents resonate directly with the mind. Invisible to the eye, they tell a story about a person’s character and the impression he or she leaves on others. If you’re looking to try out some new scents, I’d suggest heading to Jo Malone London on the second floor.

The entire range of fragrances is available at the GINZA SIX location, including ones sold only here. It’s great to take your time in sampling the scents on your own, but I’d personally recommend seeking advice from the staff. Jo Malone lets you step into the world of “Fragrance Combining”—layering scents one on top of another to create your own signature scent.

Scents are perhaps the most deeply personal of fashion choices. I’ve always gone for woody and dry fragrances. When I mention I love to use Jo Malone’s Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense (21,500 yen for 100 ml), the staff recommends combining it with English Pear & Freesia Cologne (16,000 yen for 100 ml)—a surprising suggestion!

That’s because the latter is a feminine, fruity fragrance in which the scents of pears and flowers coexist in perfect harmony. I probably wouldn’t choose a fragrance like this on my own, but what about mixing it with the Oud & Bergamot? I find the combined scent instantly more sophisticated! Fresh emotions come over me; the scent is transformed into an invigorating and strikingly different fragrance, with a sense of depth.

Between testing sessions, I get some advice on how to use the products. “Spray from at least 10 cm away. For a delicate fragrance to emerge naturally, don’t rub your wrists together.” Really? I’ve never encountered such advice. I would begin rubbing my wrists together before I’m aware I’m doing so. Rejuvenated by a scent the likes of which I wouldn’t normally wear, I move on to the next and final shop.

You can’t update yourself to a new you without revamping your wardrobe. For the last few years, my closets have been filled with unadventurous, monotone articles. The clothes I’ve chosen tend to be uniforms, I muse to myself. And I head to Alexander Wang on the third floor.

Alexander Wang instituted a rebranding last year that essentially took a fresh look at his roots (he’s a first-generation Chinese American) and at New York, where the brand was born. The overall impression is the brand’s playful worldview, which combines ethnic and sporty motifs. The staff recommends the wash + go series. Apparently, I can wash the elegant skirt (35,000 yen) I’m wearing at home. It’s a wonderful series for busy modern women, isn’t it?

The skirt creates a graceful silhouette that’s casual, yet clings gently to the body. And the smooth and light feeling that comes over you when you wear is just what you’d expect from Alexander Wang. I remember the first time I tried it on; I was moved by the uniquely distinctive ductility of the fabric. I instantly became a fan. This skirt, I think, will let me remain true to myself, even under stressful work circumstances, without feeling constrained and constricted, as I would if I were wearing a suit.

The designer is picky and opts for a thick sweatshirt material even for the summer season, selecting a fabric that creates the most beautiful silhouette. He’s maintained his particular sense of beauty. In recent years, he’s been flexible about collaborating with fast-fashion and sportswear brands, which has apparently helped the brand attract new customers.

What I’m impressed with this time around is how the shoes (73,000 yen) feel on my feet. Even on the 10 cm heels, I feel steady. And, they’re as light as a feather! Lately, I’ve gone for sneakers when I’m out doing research simply because they’re easy to move around in, which I realize loses me points in the style department. Alexander Wang offers both design esthetics and functionality. The designer’s attitude of always taking on new challenges really resonates with me on this visit.

As we get older and as our days get busier, we often settle into fixed styles. Yet GINZA SIX is a place where mature women set in such patterns can discover new versions of themselves. I highly recommend taking the time to take an enjoyable walk around the mall. You’ll uncover facets of yourself you didn’t know were there.

Text:Namiko Uno Photos:Mika Hirose Edit:Yuka Okada


宇野 ナミコ



2020.06.04 UP