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  • ビズーは「⼈も宝⽯も個性が魅⼒」というブランド哲学のもと、100種類を超える多彩なカラーストーンをお届けしています。
    GINZA SIX店では、⻑い年⽉をかけて集めた宝⽯たちが集合。誕⽣⽯や希少⽯、カラーチェンジやバイカラーなど、宝⽯の魅⼒を楽しめる空間が広がります。

    BIZOUX has provided jewelry featuring more than 100 different types of precious stones. Our philosophy is “Uniqueness is the essence of beauty in both people and gemstones.” At the BIZOUX GINZA SIX, a collection of gemstones gathered over the years is assembled. The space will be filled with birthstones, rare stones, color changing stones, bi-color stones, and other gemstones to enjoy the charm of themselves.We also offer the ultimate one-of-a-kind designer jewelry.

    OPEN: 3/30(木)
    フロア: 4F

  • 国内12店舗目となるブライトリング ブティック。

    BREITLING BOUTIQUE TOKYO GINZA SIX, which introduces the latest design concept of industrial loft, is furnished with a selection of specially selected interiors, allowing customers to fully experience the world of modern retro design.Located in a commercial building, the Breitling Boutique is an open environment and a welcoming place to stop by. The modern-retro lounge displays over 150 gorgeous watches, ranging from the latest releases to rare limited editions.

    OPEN: 3/25(金)
    フロア: 5F

  • 既存店であるJule's Whisky Collectionの旗艦店である『J.W.C LIBRARY』ではウイスキー初心者の方だけでなく、愛好家の方にもより一層楽しんでいただけるよう、デザイン性が高く、美しいボトルのウイスキーの展示や、ウイスキーをより一層楽しむためのグラスなどを展開いたします。

    At "J.W.C LIBRARY", the flagship store of the existing Jule's Whiskey Collection, not only whiskey beginners but also whiskey enthusiasts can enjoy an exhibition of beautifully designed bottles of whiskey. , We will develop glasses to enjoy whiskey even more. It is a store that can be enjoyed visually through the display of whiskeys lined up like a "library".

    OPEN: 3/17(金)
    フロア: B2F

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